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Palm Court Nursing Home

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17-19 Prideaux Road


East Sussex

BN21 2ND


01323 721911


We do not employ temporary staff as we know this has an adverse impact on our residents. We offer employment to those who have a deep interest in Dementia Care, have a passion for caring with affection and are prepared to go the extra mile to support our residents.

We invest heavily in training and education of staff. Our staff understand what is dementia and are trained to:

Work with genuine affection, care and concern for our residents
Provide safety, security and comfort
Conduct care at a relaxed pace with positive regard
Value the skills and achievements of our residents
Enable our residents to be positive and active
Involve residents and relatives as partners in care and other activities

We strongly believe the way staff interact with our residents have a big impact on the course of the dementia journey. Poor interaction may lead to severe decline and rapid progression of dementia. Our staff know how to interact positively and use all enhancers to promote personhood, value the person and give meaning to day to day life. Our positive approach has a greater predominance of well-being and social confidence.

We Are The Champions

Our Champions play a key role in advancing the interest of our residents. Our homes have Dementia Care Champions to scrutinise practice to uphold personhood through positive person work using imaginative techniques. We also have Dignity Champions ensuring preservation of dignity underpins all practices. To this end, we hold Dignity Days to raise staff’s level of awareness and to reflect on practice bringing dignity into sharp focus. Infection Control Champions work imaginatively to prevent infections and risks to our residents.

Staff Development Programme

Staff education is the key to quality care. We believe in having our own staff development programme to build the confidence and competence of our staff to achieve our mission. Our education program is designed to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the staff at Palm Court. It focuses on knowledge, understanding, practice and research. It is guided by the TOPSS Care Training Code and embraces the objectives of the NTO. The Home also holds all the statutory training. ....

The Mirror Project - A European Research Project Into Reflective Learning At Work

Palm Court is a participating member of the above research project funded by the European Union. We have a record of research by us into reflective learning to develop carers and nurses to work imaginatively to care and support dementia sufferers and their relatives. We are currently working with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim with other 6 European countries to innovate technology that can promote reflective practice for staff and dementia sufferers. ....