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Activities for People with Dementia

People with dementia must be kept active and alert. Familiar and creative activities build confidence and restores self-esteem. Our approach is to reduce drug therapy while keeping our residents involved not only in activities but also in decision-making and exercising choice.

Our residents may not be able to concentrate for hours. Thus, short, focussed activities are used to promote conversation, physical activity, thinking and interaction. It is better to have a five-minute quality time for activity than an elaborately organised program that lasts more than 20-30 minutes. Similarly, a short walk out in the fresh air is more beneficial than a long trip.

Our residents go to pubs, for walks in the park, drive around seafront and Beachy Head in our minivan. The emphasis is on promoting interaction with people and the environment.

Our carers talk with the person they are caring for to work out which activities fit in with their interests. They find imaginative ways to adapt their activities to their changing capabilities and moods.

Knitting Someone who has been a skilful knitter may still be able to knit squares for a blanket.

Puzzles Someone who has enjoyed doing crosswords may still enjoy a simple puzzle book.

Social activities Play cards or board games, or do some gardening or baking together.

Around the home Men and women alike can enjoy helping with washing and drying up, laying the table or making beds. The end result may not be perfect, but it can give an important sense of achievement.

Music Even when other abilities are seriously affected, many people still enjoy singing, dancing and listening to music.  Ask a friend to help you record a tape of the person’s favourite pieces of music or songs for them to listen to.

TV and radio Many people with dementia enjoy listening to the radio. Try watching television together, and choose programmes with small sections of action or humour, rather than a programme with an involved plot. (Alzheimer’s Society).