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Palm Court Nursing Home

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17-19 Prideaux Road


East Sussex

BN21 2ND


01323 721911

About Us

Our Expert Knowledge

As specialists in this field, we know dementia affects memory and cognitive functions with less ability to carry out daily activities but there is no decline in depth of feeling. The person lives in the present reality. As the illness progresses, these become more marked. Our caring team works imaginatively with the person and the relatives to develop a life story/biography to understand the background of the person and the critical incidents which may have emotional resonance with past experiences. People with dementia are vulnerable and may feel culturally isolated. Familiar touchstones of our cultural identity, our spirituality or religion, food and drinks and music with which we are familiar are likely to have a calming effect. Life story is instrumental in reducing vulnerability, anxiety and alienation; and is crucial in providing person-centred care.

Communication Skills

We connect with our residents through selective therapeutic touch, eye contact, hugs, support, reassurance and smiles. Dementia sufferers respond to affection and we foster a sense of being valued as a unique individual and as a needed member of family and society. Our staff are knowledgeable in social psychology, are fully present and psychologically available to support our residents with positive person work to enhance well-being and maintain personhood.

Strengths of Our Brand of Nursing

Dementia is no longer an illness of the elderly or old age. Younger people are suffering from Dementia and this is increasing. Thus, our care is person-centred and framed to acknowledge and respect the person instead of declining age. Our brand of nursing upholds personhood, well-being and social confidence.

Our homes are very successful in delivering high quality care. We have an excellent reputation in providing sensitive and personalised care for the dementia sufferers. Feedback from clients, relatives and professionals endorse our high standards. We are the preferred provider of specialist dementia care for the East Sussex Social Services.

As specialist we know that Dementia Sufferers may not have the sense of time passing, so they live in the present reality with no past and no future. Our strategy is to make every moment interesting and meaningful in the here and now.

Our brand of nursing reduces the amount of drugs our residents take. Emphasis is much more on interaction with people, alternative methods of engaging our residents and helping them to calm down and enjoy their time.

Our sensory garden is very effective in minimising anxiety and restlessness. The water features are valuable and offer an environment which promotes relaxation and calmness. The herbs present an opportunity to interact with nature and its fragrance.

Social inclusion is our strength, where residents are empowered to make decisions about what they do and who they want involved. All activities are centred on our residents’ views, choices and decisions.

We engage in positive person work and value the person. Our interaction with our residents is one of the most precious moments focussing on quality time, conversation, and reassurance through touch, eye contact and smiles.

We work very closely with relatives and maintain full transparency in everything we do.

Our policies and practices are underpinned by feedback from (1) quarterly relatives meeting (quality circle), (2) annual quality assurance questionnaire responses from relatives, PCT and other professionals, informal discussion, (3) relatives response to CQC Have Your Say, (4) responses from ESCC contracts monitoring, (4) involvement of relatives and residents in completion of care plans, (5) social events within the Home are useful medium for feedback and (6) Participation in ESCC reviews with CPNs and Psychiatrists. All these help us to maintain and improve quality on an ongoing basis and keep our homes vibrant and relevant to the needs of our residents and the community.